How to set up HPC accept

Do you have a business or are you a merchant in any industry? Join now and be a part of the blockchain revolution! Give your customers the opportunity to make cutting edge payments with blockchain technology and show your customers your business is innovating with fintech options.
It is very easy.

How to Register and Set up HPC Accept

  1. Go to our menu HPC accept on website
  2. Register you company at HPC Accept
  3. Download the wallet and you are all set up!

Why HappyCoin

  •  HappyCoin is easy to use for everyone
  •  HappyCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency POW/POS
  •  Due to the algorithm x11 HappyCoin is amazingly fast in transactions
  •  HappyCoin Blockchain is decentralised, transparent and highly secure
  •  HappyCoin has a very user friendly wallet app and a PC wallet
  •  HappyCoin uses a low transaction fee