HappyCoin Core Value

The foundation of HPC has not been raised from any funds or investments but has organically grew and is still growing in a steady line of value.

HPC exists of a management team and a big following considered as the HPC community.

HPC is a decentralised opensource where everyone is able to participate and join on various fields. Though the HPC core team is the foundation of development of HPC, we do give developers and international partners a chance to be a part of the team to work on the technology with us for a greater success.

HPC has the freedom to set the course for the company as the core team would like and is not restricted to an ICO and shareholders. Though the team is responsible for gathering all the facets and making the company a success to maximum the benefits for its customers and community.

By keep on creating and developing together, we create the next exciting revolution of crypto currency. This is the core value of HPC.