HappyCoin for happy life.

HappyCoin is a digital currency designed for use of peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority; managing transactions and issuing money is carried out collectively by the network.

Purpose of Development

To create a payment system for the future. To be accepted initially within Thailand and progressively around the world. We have created a cryptocurrency that is safe,reliable and fast. We have a clear focus on ease of use ans building a community of like-minded individuals.


Type Algorithm Coin Supply Abbreviation
Proof Stake 5% Year X11 100000000 HPC

How does HappyCoin work?

How it works?

Emission Happycoin-currency completely decentralized and can be carried out randomly any client system by using the computing power of electronic equipmemt for the maintenance of the system. Issue volume is automatically adjused so as not to exceed the upper threshold of 100 million of coins.

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Happycoin is a democratic form of Cryptocurrency. It represents a whole new way of thinking about investment, economic freedom, security and privacy in financial transactions. Anyone can invest in a completely transparent way without having to trust any intermediary.

No intermediary costs

Customers now don’t have to worry about the inflated prices of the goods and services as no intermediary cost is involved in this decentralized network, where merchants do not have to pass on the cost of business to you the customer.

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HappyCoin Roadmap 

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HappyCoin is the first coin made for the Thai people. HappyCoin can be used to consume,shop and for independent living. As a first local digital currency, there are large community groups of users and we plan to continue to encourage adoption.

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